Our Group – Grundwert USA, Grundwert Polska (www.grundwert-usa.de) and historically Tomorrow Fund (www.tomorrowfund.de), offers a professional local real estate expertise. We have been active in Berlin since German unification in 1990.

The executives of our Group have decades of real estate experience in various product types. Each of them has had critical involvement in many US and European real estate projects with transaction volumes totaling billions USD and Euro. Collectively and individually they all represent highest level of expertise in the areas pf funding, development and management of real estate assets. Our historical involvement in the US and European real estate market is the most important assurance of investment success we can offer. Established networks of jv partners identified thru past transactions in the local markets in the USA and Europe are the additional element contributing to the future success.

Our team and associates consists of highly experienced professionals encompassing diverse, yet interconnected real estate competencies: lawyers, engineers, construction managers, facilities specialists, asset and property managers, accountants, IT specialists, and administrative support. Each of our executives has at least 20 years of highly successful involvement in the real estate industry. Our offices are located in Berlin (headquarters) in Germany, Philadelphia in the USA and Wroclaw in Poland.

A closed-end real estate fund or any other enterprise with partners that have certain expectations of the management, including active control of transactions, regular reporting and a constant eye on optimizing the portfolio value. Many years of experience in the management of closed-end real estate funds, combined with real estate-oriented, legal and fiscal expertise, make it possible for the our Group to efficiently and cost-effectively take on management functions in the interest of the partners. The team’s expertise also ensures customer satisfaction. This philosophy has thus far always led to long-term cooperation.

“The crisis-hit” is one of our areas of expertise. Be it at the initiative of an advisory board or a partner, or as a consultant commissioned by the management – our Group works on the commercial reorganization of crisis-ridden real estate. After a precise analysis of the circumstances, data and facts determine whether the best course is economic restructuring or the application of the real estate asset. Our extensive experience from a number of crisis funds makes it easier for all parties to get involved, as our Group’s work often starts at the point when others have already given up. This could be at a time when the divide between expectations and feasibility is just as great as the resistance of those involved to deal with options previously left unconsidered.

In addition to the classic functions we offer:

  • Development capacities
  • Classic house and homeowner’s association management
  • Rental management (e.g. stabilization/increase in the cash flow through long-term tenant loyalty)
  • Standardization (for example of rental contracts, cost structures, etc.)
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Management of maintenance and repair
  • Regular, prompt reporting
  • Portfolio analysis/management and permanent monitoring
  • Continuous controlling and reporting
  • Concepts for optimizing rental income and cost reductions
  • Redevelopments
  • Realizing location and use potential (e.g. aggregation, expansion, implementation) and securing long-term marketability
  • Control of structural measures (appreciation and subsequent use of space, realizing tenant-specific area expansions, reconstruction, and maintenance)
  • Cost optimization (e.g. by lowering ongoing costs in the areas of energy and vacancies)